ITI Program Information

ITI Program Information: The link will provide information regarding the Goals of the ITI Major, how to become an ITI Major, Degree Requirements, Study Abroad Information and ITI Contact Information.

ITI Undergraduate Admissions: Information on Deadlines for Undergraduate Admissions into the ITI Major, and how to change your SCILS Major.

ITI Program Internship Guidelines: Gives insight on how to apply and enroll in an ITI Internship Co-Op course, along with requirements and guidelines.

ITI Independent Study: Gives insight to the expectations of what an independent study is in the ITI Major, along with how to apply.

ITI Student Awards: Each year the ITI Program recognizes their graduating students in academic excellence and outstanding service with the ITI program

ITI Career Choices: Information on potential ITI Careers through an education in the ITI Program.

ITI Major Courses: A brief description on each of the ITI Major Courses.